Liam Jones in his own words


The “muscular Brit” launched his top fuel career in 2015 and it wasn’t until the nitrolympx that very year that his destiny was unravelled. By picking up the “most attractive driver” award, or something along those lines, he realised his forté wasn’t winning, for he was the people’s champion and it was actually all about looking good and making people laugh, both of which he did in abundance.
Let’s face it, at 110Kg, he’s not your average jockey and certainly being a portly chap from Hull didn’t tip the scales in his favour (not literally, they were most certainly tipped towards him on weigh day!)
Anyway, for the last 5 years, Liam has proved his worth and along with his loyal band of not-so-merry men, he’s made his mark in Top Fuel. Illustrious although his career thus far may not be, the ‘alpha male of drag racing’ oozes charisma, charm and sexual prowess, for sure he’s one to watch on and off the track! 
Surprisingly to many, Liam remains unsponsored.

First car

team celebrating in hockenheim

liam jones in rf motorsport's top fuel dragster

team jones