janne ahonen

Janne has often been considered as a very tight-lipped man, who is rarely seen smiling. His friends and many others, who have had the possibility to meet him in person, do know that he can smile and not only that, he can laugh – but only when the time is right.

Janne has developed a kind of safety-barrier around him, often called for the Janne-look. It is still very much around him, both at winning occasions and at not so successful moments. In years gone by – the “look” has developed to a label and image around him. But at moments it has also bothered him quite a lot.


janne ahonen flying


One thing is for certain, one will never ever hear Janne publicly criticizing or giving false explanations, if something has gone wrong. It’s always the athletes fault; there’s is nothing wrong with equipment or location. More than once, his trainers have afterwards told about murdering wind-conditions, serious illness or about a bad flu. The wind-conditions have robbed Janne not only once, but several times, the chance of winning championship medals. But in Janne’s mind, bad weather conditions are part of the big game.


janne ahonen


Janne’s long carrier in Finnish and World-level ski-jumping is simply outstanding – there’s no doubt about that. But even the very best athletes do need the assistance of a top-level trainer. Luckily he has had one for several years. In his new challenges in drag racing, there is a whole team of trainers and coaches around him – consisting of the very experienced Team Eagle Racing.

Drag Racing can in many ways be compared to ski-jumping. Months and months of training are to be followed by endless hours of concentration. Only to be followed by a performance which can be measured in a few seconds. Afterwards one just makes a quick look at the score-board and then one will have to do things once again.

This is one of Janne’s specialties – he’s the best. His only goal is to win championships.


kissing the trophy


Janne took his Top Fuel license in RF Motorsport's third car at Alastaro in July 2006.

Janne attended some races in 2007,2008,2009, and the whole 2010 season.

He later went on to start his own team.

janne ahonen launching