Tierp was again troubled with rain, and Saturday was a total wash out. It was not the race we hoped for, although Birgitte made it all the way to the final.


Liam's car had a serious malfunction in the clutch management in his first and only qualifying run. The car just jumped up in the air, instantly smoking the tires. We towed it back to he pit, and everything worked perfectly. We did a lot of system tests on Saturday, as the rain was pouring down, and every time it worked.

Come race day, and this time it was the fuel management playing up, causing the car to drop three cylinders. That proved to be too much, and Liam lost with a 4.37 to a 4.20. Needless to say a new management is on order.

Birgitte was out for the first time this year with a car that had a totally new combination. She needed to make a half pass in her first qualifying session, and managed to qualify as number 4.

The car ran nice and smooth all through eliminations, and responded well to all adjustments. Sadly one mag didn't work in the final, making her loose with a 4.12 to a 3.97. With both mags working, the outcome would have been a lot closer.