2016 will be a bit more relaxing as we will only run two cars at any event this year. Liam will be the only contender for the Championship. We will run two different cars with different drivers, and first out is Steve Ashdown. Other drivers to follow will be Birgitte Bremnes, Antti Horto and Duncan Micallef.

Steve started on his license at the Santa Pod Easter race, but due to bad weather he only managed to do two runs. He then made another three passes the last weekend of April.

Steve Ashdown made his last license pass at the test day before the Main Event, and got his license just in time for the race.  He qualified number 3.

Steve won his first round, and would have had an easy win against Mikke who had a wounded engine, but luck was not on our side as the Electrimotion shut off system shut the car down during the burn out.

Not a bad debut after all. The car ran good for what we tried to do, the new crew worked good and got better round by round. And we had no damage what so ever.

Next time Steve will be out at the European finals he will be looking for a faster car and some better luck.

Liam was driving a new car this year, and had some problems getting used to the throttle position. He made some tests in qualifying and sorted it out. The car has a totally new combination this year, and it's still not sorted, but it showed a lot of promise. We ran all weekend on only 5 to 7 cylinders, but he still qualified number four.

Liam won his first race in a pedal fest. The track was cold and he shook hard. He lost second round with 4.11 after loosing one cylinder after 2 seconds, another after 2.5 seconds, and the third after 3.5 seconds.

Liam's car ended the weekend with no damage either, so in that respect it was a very good race for us. Not bad with both cars in the semi's either. 

Let's see what we can achieve  at Tierp if only we can get in to the track and do some work.