We came back to Santa Pod early Wednesday morning, and straight to the workshop for some cylinder head repairs, as we had used up all our spares in Tierp. We had "only" 3 cars out for this race, but still tons of work.

The weekend turned out to be cold and miserable. Track temperatures of 65F called for tire shake, and did they shake. After the first qualifying session all the drivers had a bad headache after severe shake. Times were not something to talk about.

Late Friday was the night session which would have been good if it wasn't for the weather. Anita was the only one who ran good with a 4.01. Jari was fourth, Liam was sixth, and Duncan number 9.

After the first session on Saturday, Liam had improved to third with a 4.05, Duncan with a belt breaking  4.66 was sixth, and Jari was not qualified in ninth place.

After the last session nothing changed, and Jari was not qualified for the second race in a row. They had still not found the problem that had haunted  them since Alastaro. Back to the pits to try to sort it.

Patrik had done too much damage to come out for eliminations, and as the gentleman he is told Jari, who was first alternate, that they would get their place in the ladder.

First pair out on Sunday was Duncan in a loosing battle with Liam. 4.24 to a new personal best of 4.029 for Liam.

Next out was Jari against Anita. Jari took the win with a new personal best of 4.028 to Anita's loosing 4.13.

In the second round Jari got a by as Stefan Gunnarsson broke after the burnout.

Liam lost against Micke after the blower belt broke.

The alternate takes the win with both Micke and Jari loosing the blower belts 4.44 to 4.64. This marked Jari's first win.

And then it's only the Flame and Thunder left of the season. Liam will be the only driver.