What a weekend it was. Fantastic weather for the whole week, record crowds and lots of records. The track at last showed what it is good for, and proved beyond doubt to be the best track in Europe.

We had all four cars out again with Antti, Duncan, Jari and Liam.


After the first qualifying session Antti was number 2 with a 4.25/419, Jari was forth with a 4.49/416, and Liam was number 6 with a 6.86/132. Duncan could not come out due to late arriving crew.

After the last session on Friday things had changed. Liam was now third with a 4.12/460, Antti was fifth, and Jari was number 8. Duncan had to shut off after the burnout due to a fuel leak.

First qualifying session on Saturday, and Duncan was first out qualifying second with a personal best of 4.009/484. Liam was pushed down to fifth, Antti was 8th. and Jari now number 10.

Last qualifying session. Liam improved to number 4 with a 4.09/472, and Antti improved to number 7 with a 4.18/464. Duncan stayed number 2, and Jari improved with a cylinder dropping 4.36 which put him in the 9th. spot.

On Sunday Liam was first out of our stable. Defending Patrik Peers with a shaking 4.29. Next out was Duncan against Antti. Duncan with a new personal best of 4.007/495 defending Antti's slowing 4.21.

In the second round Liam lost to Anita with an early shut off 4.21 to Anita's great 3.91. Duncan defeated Micke with a 4.02 to a 4.20

The final was a close race with Duncan loosing a 4.011 to 3.986. Interestingly both cars had identical speeds at the eight mile of 433.39.

This was a great race weekend from start to finish.