Hockenheim is usually the hottest race of the year, but this time it was one for the record books. The weather station showed  42.7C, 109F. That made the race a hard one for all the crews and drivers.

We had Duncan, Jari and Liam out for this race, and everyone was a bit worried about track conditions as the track had been pretty bad the last two years.



Not so this year, it was pretty good, and got better each day as it always used to when Rico ran the show. 109 degree air temperature and 135 track temperature didn't call for the best times though. 

Liam qualified as #3, Duncan #5 and Jari #6. Not too bad after all the small problems we had. The little gremlins continued through eliminations, but Duncan and Liam got through the first round, sadly they both lost the second round.


Liam won the trophy for best appearing crew, and best appearing car.


For the next race in Tierp we will bring lots of Garlic and other remedies to get rid of those gremlins once and for all.

See you there, and this time!!!!!!!!