Once again we had four cars out for Alastaro, and again it was with Antti Horto behind the wheel of the blue car. Also on hand were Jari Halinen, Duncan Micallef and Liam Jones for the biggest field of the season so far.The forecast for the weekend looked great, finally it looked like we should have a race with no rain.

The trucks arrived the Sunday before the race, and as usual there was a lot of work before the rest of the crews arrived. Lucky guys, flying in to a ready set up camp.

Work starts here unloading, unpacking, setting up awnings and pit areas. Finishing cars and parts, washing and cleaning etc.

The first qualifying  session on Friday was not too good for anyone as it was really hot and the track was not yet ready for us. Mostly tire smoke  and a lot of clutch dust as we tried to slip down it. Q2 was getting better as the track was improving. Still most of the cars ran in the mid to high fours. After the session Antti was second, Jari fith, Liam seven and Duncan was not qualified in ninth spot.

On Saturday the track was still improving and we started to get times in the low twenties. Duncan was still smoking the tires hard around 330 ft.


Saturday ended with Antti missing the first spot with .004 seconds. Liam was number 6, Jari was number 7, and Duncan ended up not qualifying in 9th. spot. If things can go wrong they will go wrong. We have never had so many different things go wrong before, and it wasn't over yet.

A very disappointed  Duncan coming back from the last session

Sunday came with the track still improving. Antti was up against Jari, our two Finnish drivers.Jari with a red light, and a clutch and fuel malfunction. Antti with the quickest run of the meeting setting low ET and top speed.

Liam was up against Anita and beat her off the line as well as running faster, not bad for a newbie. Next round was another RFM match with Liam against Antti. Liam double stepped and got a red light, giving Antti an easy win. Antti never made the final, as they had some extensive damage after the last run.

This was a race with many ups and downs, with all the small things going wrong. Hoping we have sorted out all of the small (and big) problems we can only hope Hockenheim will be a better track than last year.