The trip to Tierp turned out to be a bit of a nightmare for the truck drivers as one of the trucks blew the air compressor's head gasket. This delayed them by 2 days. Not being ready before everyone left, didn't make things better either.

Finally arriving at Tierp we had the normal friendly welcome. Only 1 pit pass for 10 people. We had to buy them if we wanted more. Trying to argue that we can't get 10 people in one car didn't seem to matter. Started to miss Santa Pod already.

 Jari's pit space was almost ready, so Jari, Erja and Heiki helped us get the awnings up on our trailers. Luckily we "only" had 3 cars out for this race, so we got started on Duncan's car as that needed the most work.

Friday came and Jari and Liam did their first qualifying session. Both with personal bests. Qualifying 2 and 4. Last session and still no Duncan. All sorts of new problems came up, but finally late Friday night it was ready to go.

One happy crew after Liam set a new personal best of 4.06

 Saturday RAIN RAIN and more rain, with temperatures dropping. It was not pleasant waiting and waiting not being qualified. Late on Saturday we got a shot at it with lots of tire shake and pedaling. Duncan got in the show in 7th place with a 4.28. By now Jari was third with a 4.04, and Liam was number four with a 4.06.

Sunday was cold and not a good race day for us. Liam shook hard and had to shut off. Jari was instantly up in smoke. Duncan was the only one to get through to the next round with a clutch eating pass of 4.52. That ended the Tierp race as the rain showers kept coming and it was finally cancelled.

Looking forward to go to a much more racer friendly Alastaro.