We had been working round the clock the last two weeks to do all the changes after Easter, and we were still not quite ready for the first qualifying session.  

We had all four cars out for this event, with Jari Hallinen and Duncan Micallef. Liam Jones and Birgitte Bremnes still to finish their license.

They did it style. Liam with a 4.11/291

Birgitte ran a blower belt breaking 4.23.


Jari's new paint job.


Duncan with new sponsors and new looks.


After qualifying ended on Sunday we were 3, 4, 5 and 7. Duncan ran 4.0952/262,46, Liam 4.1146/291.41, Jari 4.1325/295.85 and Birgitte 4.2323/246.55


Eliminations wasn't that fun as only Jari made it through first round.


Although the results were not impressive we sorted a lot of the problems that followed us last year.


Next up is Tierp the tire blistering track