We came back to our workshop at Santa Pod the weekend before the finals. Unloaded the cars and started getting all the cars ready. We had four cars out for this event, so we had plenty to do.


Race day came, and first out was Chris. Hard shake and he shut it off. Next out was Duncan. He also shook, but did a nice pedal job and ran 4.06 at 306 MPH,sweet. Last out was Thetys who made it to half track before the belt broke. Duncan is number 1 after the first session.


Next session was the night qualifying.Chris was first out and ran a storming early shut off 3.97. This was the first 3 second run for us, and next out was Duncan.


Duncan's slide valve played up and he ran a 4.11. Chris is now the number 1 qualifier. Tethys and Gabrielle did not run.

Next day saw Duncan run a career best of 4.02. Cris shook hard and shut it off. Still no Thetys as they had problems with the oil pressure. Gabrielle made a check out pass.

The last session rained out. Chris was now number 2, Duncan number 3, and Thetys number 6. Gabrielle was not in competition as she had to finalize her license.


Race day saw  Duncan win against Thetys with another 4.02. Chris shook, pedaled and lost the blower belt against a lucky Urs who won with a 4.20. Chris with his best 60ft. of the race, 0.833


Next round Duncan against Urs who was lucky again as Duncan dropped an intake valve an lifted the blower before half track. At the 330 mark Duncan was ahead by two car lengths.

Gabby finished off the day for us with a 4.11 which was good enough for the third best time of eliminations, and received her deserved license. Next up is the flame and thunder where we will have 2 cars out. Drivers to be decided.