After the previous two races it was nice to come to a track with some traction. Although it was seriously over glued.  This made it hard to do more than one run on a set of slicks.

We had Antti, Chris and Duncan out for this event.


Duncan had a great first qualifier with a 4.09. He had to get off the throttle at about half track as his helmet steamed up. This run proved we had found the gremlins that had been troubling us lately.


Chris made a hard shake, early shut off at 4.46, and Antti lit up the tires at the hit.

Q2 saw Chris shake again, Duncan smoked the tires, and Antti run 4.18


Q3 Chris with a quick pedal job run 4.094. Antti bettered to 4.065. Duncan shut it off early after the slide valve didn't want to cooperate.

The last session rained out, and set the qualifying positions  Antti number 2 with 4.0654. Duncan number 5 with 4.0924 and Chris number 6 with a 4.0954.


First round saw Duncan beat Anita with a good 3 pedal jobs at 4.18 Chris lost the belt after pedalling against Urs., and Antti won against a non starting Stig.

Duncan lost to Thomas after hard shake, and Antti won over Urs with a 4.08

Antti lost the final to a storming Thomas


Next is our home track, the great and only SANTA POD