It was almost  like groundhog day coming to Hockenheim. The weather was hot and sticky, and the track was even worse than Alastaro.


We decided to sit out first qualifying session as we didn't think it was any point in going out just to smoke the tires.

Chris was back in the car  for the first time after his accident. He was not impressed, but the conditions were the same for everyone, so we had to go out there and try.


And as predicted it was a lot of smoke


After the last qualifying session Duncan was number 6, and Chris number 8.

Duncan met Stig first round, and put him on the trailer with the fastest run of the weekend. A pedaling 4.51.

Next round he lost traction too early to get past Micke.

Chris lost a close first round to Thomas.


Next is Tierp. We will have Antti, Chris and Duncan out for this race. The track should be good, so now it's down to the weather. We cross our fingers and hope for some exciting updates here next week.