This was a weekend we will never forget, and not for good reasons. It all started on Thursday with a horrific storm which culminated in Chris slipping and falling off the roof of his trailer.

This resulted in a dislocated shoulder, and a trip to the hospital where he had to stay over night for surgery.

After discussing with Vince Andrews and team, the decision was made to make sure that RF Motorsport and the Lucas team honored their contracts. We then contacted Finland's Jari Hallinen who was taking a year off.

He didn't say no, and booked his flight for the following morning.


Also driving this weekend was Duncan Micaleff, and the newcomer Tethys who was finishing his license.

Saturday came with more rain, so no racing. 

Then came Sunday and the weather was much brighter. Finally racing can start.


First out was Tethys who finished his license with a 4.17. Next was Jari with a mandatory half pass to get used to the car. Next out was Duncan who ran a best ever 60ft. of 0.833, sadly he lost the belt long before the 330, but still crossed the 330 markers at 2.26.

Next round was a bad one for all cars as Tethys shook, Jari lost the belt and Duncan ran with the throttle stop on.

Last session, and Duncan was not qualified, so he was first out, and ran a decent 4.16 at only 228 Mph. This was good enough for 5th.

Jari was next, but sadly shook hard and didn't qualify.

Tethys stayed with his 6th. position.


Monday came with more rain, and the race was finally  cancelled.