Being back in the car last weekend has been beyond amazing, I’m one step closer to being the first person to move up to top fuel straight from junior dragsters. Which is pretty cool.

In total, I did another 4 runs. On Saturday I was really getting reacquainted with the car, as it had been about 18 months since I had last been in it. Sunday was the day I went for the full passes.  

Up until my first run on Sunday, my best was 6.9 at the 1000ft, after my first run it was 5.17. I had dropped two cylinders that run and was off the throttle at about 330 ft. On my second run I ran a 4.49 @ 191mph and although my speed was down, the time was good enough to pass and I was told if I were to enter an event Ian would let me use a qualifying run as a final pass.

My experience in top fuel last weekend has made me crave it even more. I didn’t think it was possible to feel that kind of rush. It’s been the best experience of my life! I’ve been trying hard to get some sponsors; hopefully I can do some races next year.

I have also just launched a new website, so to keep up to date you can visit

I want to say a special thank you to Rune, Lindsey, Jamie, Laurie, Paul, Mark, Leon and Luke for all their help over the weekend. And to my mam and dad for their continued support. I also want to thank everyone who has reached out to me over the past week wishing me luck and congratulating me, I really appreciate your kind words!

Thanks to Colin Donisthorpe for use of his photo You can see more images here: