The weather was not really nice at the weekend, but we did manage to get some runs in. As the first outing of the year everyone was a bit rusty, so it took some time to sort out the cars. Lots of computer problems that lasted through the weekend.

Mark putting up the awning the easy way, on stilts.


The first runs at a very cold track produced a lot of tire shake, but both Duncan and Chris managed to get off the start line with .85 and .89 sixty ft. times.

Luke is busy building heads.


The first session on Saturday was more of the same. Chris ran another .89 sixty foot, Duncan was instantly up in smoke.

Leon and Ottis getting Chris's car ready for for first round.


The last session on Saturday produced strong runs from both Duncan and Chris. Duncan with a .846 sixty foot, and 2.22 to three thirty where he lost the belt. .Chris with another .89. and an early shut off at 4.3 sec. Barry was also out and run a .88 sixty foot time, but shook hard.

Mark putting the cylinder head on Duncan's car.


Sunday came with rain, rain and more rain. 

Steffen at work


Gary starting to take Duncan's motor apart after the race is canceled.

 After all we were quite pleased with the weekend as the cars really showed some promise, and all the problems from last year was sorted. Looking forward to the Main Event.

In two weeks time it's time for Gabby to finish her license.