We have been busy in the workshop over  the last two months, so haven't had time for any updates of the web site.  All four cars are now off the jig and being assembled. One car is already completed and loaded in the second trailer. Most of the new parts are in, but still waiting for some vital parts to finish off the last three cars.              


We will have Duncan, Chris and Barry out for the first race at Santa Pod for Easter.  We will also finish Gabrielle McDonald's license in the near future.


Some connecting rods ready for assembly.

Paul and Leon have completed all the clutches, and have started to prepare clutch packs ready for Easter.


Laurie is hard at work  checking head cc's.


Paul is putting the last clutch in


Jamie at his last day of work for a while. We wish him good luck in his new adventure. Hope to see you back soon Jamie.

Mark is busy checking compression heights.