A Top Fuel Fighter!

With a completely new team around him and legend tuner and team owner Rune Fjeld as his crew chief Chris Andrews entered back in the FIA Dragracing Championship this weekend at Alastaro Raceway in Finland.

With him he brought along Eddie Corr, a known motorsport engineerer and drag race tuner, to coach him and make the transition into a new car and team as smooth and safe as possible. Originally the deal was for Chris to drive the last year championship winning dragster, but they soon discovered that this was not possible since the cockpit space in that car is basicly too small for him. So the team boss made a new dicision and out came the newly bought DSR dragster from USA and the Don Schumacher Racing factory, a car that used to belong to American champion Antron Brown. This race car turned out to be a great fit for Chris, both in size and in a mental spirit, as he made it better and better with each run he made. With the car swap followed a lot of work for the crew, but 48 hours after they were ready to fire up a new Lucas Oil sponsored dragster.

First test run in Q3 ended with 8.36@121 km/h, not a time to speak about but that was not the meaning either since this was the first run with this car in Europe ever.

Second run was in Q4 and here Chris showed what to expect both from him and the car with a 4.788@263 km/h run. A dropped cylinder made him abort the run near the end, but to see a 4 second run was not expected so soon.

In the last run in the first elimination round he was timed to 4.608@301 km/h, thou he lost it was yet antoher strong performance from driver and car, and its safe to say that if the blower belt had not broken the team would have been moving on to the semi finals....., but it was not to be.

At the end of the event Chris could look back at a very positive experience where almost everything turned out the way it was planned, exept from a broken belt in the last run wich made him cross the finish line a few inches behind his competitor. But the team managed to make three runs, each run better than the previous, and both the race car and Chris proved to be in good fit for some top fuel fight this summer.

Chris would like to thank all of the RF Motorsport crew; Rune Fjeld, Lindsey Moles, Polly Magnussen, Steffen Kormso, Kevin Bisiker, Luke Shakeshaft and Leon Bienek. A spesial thanks to Eddie Corr and Lucas Oil for great support. Now Chris will prepare for next race at Hockenheim in Germany where he has ambitions to make it past first round elimination and set some low ET’s.

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