The first round of the FIA championship turned out to be a nordic battle with only riders from the north of Europe. And the one that proved to be the real deal was Antti Horto driving a RF Motorsport Top Fuel dragster.

Antti has been driving real fast and most of all steady the whole weekend, partly because he has a great crew with him from Eagle Racing Motorsport with Tony making the calls, and partly because Antti is a great racer. A proven fact when you come from Finland.

In the lane next to Antti was a lady of great sucsess in European dragracing, Anita Mäkelä, and the finnish battle was a fifthy fifthy since both racers was up for the challenge. Antti nailed a holeshoot and the race was on, both of them got a bit loose half distance but Antti was determent to win and blasted over the finishline as number 1 in Europe at present time!

The time he run was 4.1523@272.61 mph defeting Anita who made a 4.3348@263.84 mph.

RF Motorsport is proud to support Antti Horto with a great race car and team owner Rune Fjeld is pleased with the turnout of the weekend, leaving us in the front seat of the european Top Fuel pack.
Next race is in Sweden at Tierp 13th to 16th of june and Polly from the RFM management can promise some exiting news and of course hard racing.

Antti and crew

On the starting line


Joyfull hugs and congratulations

Anita and Antti after the race