RF Motorsport is always looking for ways to improve and as one part of that the norwegian Polly Magnussen will be a permanent part of the RFM administration in 2013. We thought it might be a good idea to give you a short presentation of the whole team this year so we might as well start with him.

Polly Magnussen is not a newbie in the world of drag race, but in the Top Fuel dragster ranks he is. He spent several years as team manager for the european champion drag bike rider Svein Olav Rolfstad before joining RFM. He will now be helping Rune with the management of the three top fuel dragsters and do the media, press and marketing services as well. Polly is resently educated with a Bachlor in Motorsport Management and is also the marketing manager of the Norwegian Motorsport Federation.
For those who know him well its no secret that he sleeps, eats and breath motorsport and that the field of experience is major, ranging from Speedway, Powerboats, Rallycross and so on. He lives in Norway and will be doing most of his work from there for time being, but he tells us that there are some moving abroad plans in the future but that right now his 5 month old son is all that matters. On the subject of his son Tian he reveals that some thoughts on a junior dragster allready is made but maybe that dad will do his top fuel licens first!

Polly met the RFM team last year at Tierp, where he had the first race weekend together with Risto`s crew. This is what he says about it. «After spending one season with the world champion of offshore powerboat racing Jan Trygve Braaten in 2012 i had the mysterious drag race flue again and thought i might give Rune a call and see if he could cure my pain. And Rune, as the nice guy he is, prescribed me with some pills including a possition in his buisness. And when the European Championship round was held at Tierp we agreed to meet up for the first time to see what the future might bring. I drove from Oslo and with me as a passenger i had one of Risto`s mechanics, Steffen Korsmo, who turned out to be a really nice guy. Entering the arena and the new team was like coming home, but i have to admit it was a bit strange the first day, being in a car team and not with the crazy bike dudes that i was used to from the past. All in all the weekend was great, and Kimmo the chef made a great impression with the best food served ever on a drag strip, so here i am and hopefully 2013 will be the start of something new and inventing for me, Rune and the whole RFM family.

So now you know a bit of who he is, and if you want to make him an inquire about something regarding marketing, media, sponsoring, press, etc,etc you can reach him on e-mail pm@rfmotorsport.com or give him a call on 0047 9585 6627.

Polly at Santa Pod in 2010

The championship Super Twin Top Fuel bike of Svein Olav Rolfstad

The Offshore Powerboats of World Champion Jan Trygve Braaten.

A movie shoot with RFM driver Linda Thun Tonseth in 2009.