Junior Dragster driver Gabrielle McDonald is planning to step up for next season and the 19 year old girl from Dublin took one of our dragster out for a spinn on the Flame & Thunder Show.

Safely guided by Rune she had 4 runs at Santa Pod and this is what she says about it herself.

«Well it was the best experience in my life. I had the best time ever doing those first few runs. But I'm not gonna lie, the second run where I went sideways did scare the crap out of me, but its all in the experience of racing TF. On the first run I did we couldn't get the car in reverse, I had both Rune and Jamie practically in the cockpit with me. So Rune made the decision to let me go down the track. Second run I did my launch and 60ft run. That turned out to be a pretty good run. 
My third run I smoked the tires and went sideways and managed to get it back straight. I just remembered my dad telling me to follow the back wheels with my steering wheel if I was ever going sideways and thats what I did. And on my last run I backed off before the 330ft and ran a 6.90 at 103mph. I genuinely had an absolute blast doing it!
My dad built me a simulator to practice in over winter, so I can get used to the levers and everything. Its really cool because we have a projector and I can practice while looking at the screen pretending I'm racing in the actual car

At spring 2013 Gabby will do the rest of her runs and hopefully fullfill her Top Fuel licens. And as far as planning goes she tells that they are now working for her to be the first person ever to go directly from junior dragster to TF. Read more about Gabrielle and her story in the last issue of National Dragster Magazine where its an article about her.