Risto Poutiainen and RF Motorsport is the new FIA European Top Fuel Champions of 2012.

Risto started racing in the early 80’s in several different classes. Including Top Alcohol Funny Car. He also ran his own Top Fuel car for some years. He rejoined RF Motorsport in Mantorp 2008, and since 2009 he has competed in all the FIA meetings and many match races.
And after three years as a runner up the championship dream now has come to a reality as Risto and team owner Rune Fjeld made all their experience count and pushed the Multilotto.com dragster to the limit for the 2012 championship. In a interview with Speedgroup Risto says "It feels great to win the championship. Yesterday we tried some new clutch settings but went back to the original combination today, which is good for a 4.0 time. The track is getting hot so trying to go any quicker is pushing it. I came back into Top Fuel four years ago and set a target of three years to win the Championship. I had three runner-up positions and thanks to my team for helping me to win. I look forward to defending it next year."

Behind Risto is the hardest working crew in European drag race, making Risto`s dream coming true. RF Motorsport salute you all, Steffen, Kevin, Hank, Leon, Luke, Kimmo and Josh.

Josh throwing t-shirts to the crowd

Elimination 1

Thomas Nataas 4.026@300 mph VS  Bye

Risto Poutiainen 4.059@295 mph  VS  Chris Andrews 4.378@285

Jari Halinen 4.156@277 mph  VS  Antti Horto 4.102@298

Anita Mäkelä 4.473@226  VS  Stig Neergaard 5.953@107

Elimination 2

Risto Poutiainen 4.150@287 mph  VS  Thomas Nataas 4.136@279 mph

(Hole shot win on Risto)

Antti Horto 4.175@286 mph  VS  Anita Mäkelä 4.033@293 mph

The Final

Risto Poutiainen Shut off at start-line  VS  Anita Mäkelä 8.617@71 mph
(Risto had some tech problems at the start-line in the final race against Anita and had to watch it out, but never mind, the championship was still his.)

More pictures and interviews still to come here at RF Motorsport website..

Text: Polly

Photos: Patrik Jacobsson