Qual 1:

Antti  4.08@298 mph  VS  Anita 4.18@263 mph

Jari  7.52@83    mph  VS  Risto 4.12@275 mph

Qualification list after Q1:

1 Antti Horto 4.08 (RFM)
2 Risto Poutiainen 4.12  (RFM)
3 Anita Mäkelä 4.18
4 Chris Andrews 4.22
5 Stig Neergaard 4.37
6 Thomas Nataas 5.57
7 Jari Halinen 7.52 (RFM)


Qual 2:

Jari  4.22@263 mph  VS  Anita 4.02@287 mph

Risto  4.18@275  VS  Stig  4.82@157 mph

Antti DNS

Qualification list after Q2:

1 Anita Mäkelä 4.02
2 Antti Horto 4.08 (RFM)
3 Risto Poutiainen 4.120 (RFM)
4 Chris Andrews 4.127
5 Jari Halinen 4.22 (RFM)
6 Stig Neergaard 4.37
7 Thomas Nataas 5.57

Two qualification runs have been made for the day and the teams are now working hard to get the cars ready for two more qual rounds tomorrow. The chase for the podium is still on. Antti made a great first run today, Jari went up in smoke in his first but made it up in run 2 and Risto made two solid runs and is pushing hard for the victory.The track was good and hopefully we`ll end the season with a 3 second pass this weekend;-)

Antti getting ready for Q1

Jari and Ristostarting up.

Jari in left lane and Rist in right at Q1.