I didn't know what it would take to drive a Top Fueller but John told me that it would be tough. Some people thought that I was crazy, but I kept calm and I trained very hard before Easter.

On the first run my aim was to keep calm and in fact that really works because I had no one to instruct me for the burnout and also the car wasn't staged straight, but I managed to go to five hundred feet with corrections to the steering all the way. On the second run we spun the tyres, which was an experience I needed to get the feeling, since my intention was not to hurt the motor. On the third run, which made me the fastest man in Malta, I told my crew that I was really prepared for it. Burnout and staged perfectly. On the throttle and never off it it all the way.

What a feeling! Yes, they were right. It never stops pulling. At 1200 feet the car went to the left but I corrected and got the 'chutes out. I knew it was a good run and when I heard 5.10 I was shouting and crying with joy. That was a massive relief of pressure! I wish to thank all my crew which includes Raymond, Kevin, Martin, and Antti's crew, my partner Joe Ghiller, big thanks to Rune Fjeld for believing in me all the way, and to all my supporters. Finally I would like to thank my sponsors Azure and J Portelli Projects for their trust in me from the start of this venture. See you at the Main Event in June for some more!