I flew with Thomas from Gardermoen. I was so tired, and slept all the way to Finland. We got the rental car, and went straight to the track. None of the mechanics had arrived, so it was an easy and relaxed first day. I went for a run in the forest that surrounds the track before dinner. I try to keep fit and workout a little when I’m at the races as well.


Got to sleep for a little while, no rush to get to the track early when our qualifications does not start until the next day. Thomas’s team arrived in the afternoon and they started getting the cars ready for qualifying. I got to go for a small run before I had to go to the airport and pick up my team. Their flight was delayed, so we didn’t get back to the cabin untill 3 am! We all need to get all the sleep we possibly can before our first day of qualifying.


Early morning and going to the track for our first qualifying round! It went quite all right, ran a 6.9 and was qualified. Unfortunately I could not make it to the next round out, so I was pretty nervous when the guys who could knock me off the qualifying list did their runs. But I just made it, and at the end of the day I was still qualified. Tomorrow’s weather forecast says rain, rain, rain. So it’s very important for me to be qualified today, in case we won’t get to run tomorrow.


I woke up pretty early; it was Thomas telling us we could just keep on sleeping, because the rain was pouring down.

A few hours later the rain stopped and we went to the track. We got the cars ready, and I started to feel a little pressure. If I didn’t do well on this qualifying round, I might loose my spot at the eliminations on Sunday. Once again I’m running solo, and I’m the last one out in my class. Right before I was supposed to run, they had to clean up the track. There was oil in the other lane. I waited for something that felt like forever! I’m glad I had my team and others to keep me company!

The run did not go as well as we were expecting. The tires started spinning about half track, and I had to let go! At the end of the track I screamed as loud as I could. I knew I had lost my spot in qualifying, and I had to get out in the next round to be able to get into the competition again. We had so much to do, and so little time too the next round. The crew at the end of the track had to laugh at me, I must have looked like some loony jumping and screaming.

And then the mechanics started working like mad to get me out there again. At first we thought the track had to close at 6pm, but when they told me that we had till 8 pm, we knew that there still was hope for me to make it.

I was so nervous that we were not going to make it, I could not sit still and when Thomas’s crew had finished up with his dragster, they came over and helped out to get us done in time.

I tell you, it could not have been more last second!! We were second out, and as Lex Joon did his burnout, that’s when we came to the line up!

They started me up, but the drama was not over! When I was rolling forward to the burnout, she was barely moving, and I realized that I could not do a burnout, it would take to long to get me back to stage-in and there would not be enough fuel to run! When I got back and was ready to stage-in, she (the dragster) didn’t move. I was almost rocking forth and back to try and move her; Rune came and slightly turned down the fuel pressure to help me out. That makes her move just a little. And it was enough to get me staged in. I saw the yellow lights and hit the throttle. Only thing in my mind was; “I will, I will, I will”! And I did!! I ran a 5.5, but the thriller was not quite over yet. Tommi was after me and he could still knock me off the list again.

We got to the weighing of the car and the entire team at the weight had their thumbs up telling me; “you’re in girl”! Tommi ran a 5.8 and he was out. I cried and screamed and laughed all at once, I was so happy!

When I got back to our pit, I ran around and hugged everyone who had helped out to get us qualified! Such wonderful guys!!!

Tomorrow we’re out against Urs Erbacher in the first run, he’s a hard competitor! But one thing has been proved over and over again, everything can happen in drag racing!!


Early morning, get up and go to the track! Weather looks promising, it’s cloudy, but no rain. Unfortunately I wasn’t feeling too good, so I relaxed a little in the trailer when we got to the track.

One hour before the race we started up the engines and got ready to race Erbacher. I got into the suit, and as we were called to start lining up, it started to rain!

It looked pretty dark for a while, but it stopped last minute and we could get ready to get going. Urs was first qualifier, so he chose lane and when he wanted to go out. We were last pair. I was a little nervous, but everything calmed down once I got in the car and got strapped in!

Urs ran a fantastic race! And unfortunately I got a bad Tire shake as I left the start line and had to let go.

Thomas was racing Janne Ahonen, and Janne won. Too bad for Thomas, but good for Janne to do well at his home track!

Before the next eliminations it started to rain again, and they called it off.

It has been an eventful, exciting and wonderful weekend! I love Drag racing! So much can happen, you never know how the race will turn out!

Thanks to Tronrud Bygg, My new sponsor, and Sunoco! And the mechanics who worked hard and were as wonderful as always!