Liam is a 30 year old entrepreneur from Patrington, East Yorkshire. He started his drag racing career just 2 years ago in super pro et, running a 604ci. dragster. He then fitted a nitrous pro mod engine which took him into the 6 second zone at over 200mph. Wanting to go faster and faster, he decided to step up to Top Fuel.

After deciding to run top fuel, the next task was to amass a crew. Rob Stanley, former pro stock clutch mechanic and RAF propulsion technician was appointed as clutch guy and team principal. His wife Heide also joined the team. Then one of Rune's old crew guys, Dave Mann, was recruited as the other clutch guy and to service the cylinder heads. Then last but certainly not least, there is 'Lord' Laurie Bamford, Gary Page and Ian Pellant, 3 guys who have huge knowledge of the car and the sport in general. Liam is extremely proud of the team he has and what they have achieved so far.   


After very bad weather conditions throughout the year, he managed to finally gain his Top Fuel License at the main event 2015, running a 4.11 second pass at 291mph!


Liam is currently competing in the FIA European drag racing championship and plans to race the full season.