Started his racing career in 2007, Karting in Rotax Max and became runner up in National Championship (he couldn't attend the last event).

In 2008 he bought a T-Bucket with partner Joe Ghiller and managed just six runs, the last was 8.5 seconds with nitro injected. John Cassar (nicknamed Lonz) was the team's Crew Chief and tuner and he used his experience for Duncan's needs. John was the only Maltese racer to drive a Top Fuel car on Malta, back in the early 1990s.

In 2009 he switched to Top Methanol Dragster with an ex-Andy Carter Top Fuel chassis. The team needed more crew members and former Knut Söderqvist Top Fuel team member Franco Pace came on the scene. It was a very difficult year for the team until they realised that they needed to change the engine and transmission in the car. A new set-up was bought in 2010, and installed in the same chassis. Timo and Dennis Habermann were contacted to tune and help with the new set-up. On 10th October, the very first run with the new set-up resulted in a 5.93-second run with a 0.93 sixty foot time. Two hours later they ran 5.92.

In May 2011, once again under the supervision of the Habermanns, he managed to run the car twice. The results were a disappointing 6.6 and 5.98. In November he managed a 0.92 sixty foot time but shook at 660 feet and recorded a 6.1. Two hours later he ran 5.83 with poor traction in the first half, just managed a 1.00 sixty foot time. So really his career consists of just a few runs.


In 2012 he contacted RF Motorsport with the intention of going Top Fuel. Duncan Micallef did a splendid job at the Easter Thunderball with an early shut off 5.10 and low E.T. of the race. This was his first outing in a Top Fuel car, and he surely enjoyed it. Coming from Malta he wasn't too impressed with the weather, but the car and Antti's hard working crew made this race a nice one. At the last event in Malta Duncan set a new track record with a 4.175/265.58

He will continue in 2015 hoping to better his 4th. position from last year.